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The Credit Management Group was established in 2007 offering professional credit management services to the corporate sector. We see credit management as a strategic business tool to gain competitive advantage. In the past 13 years, we have developed innovative solutions and services. Our SaaS credit management platform credit4sales is our latest digital solution owned by our subsidiary RiskCover Hungary cPlc.
Soon we’ll launch our digital factoring and online trade credit insurance products.
Credit Management Group has banking and credit insurance background. The group has Its own risk analyst and credit underwriter team, solid IT competencies and provides full range of credit management services to local and International customers.
The company has strong local reputation; it was Founder of the Hungarian Credit Management Association and it is part of FECMA, with a stable/ growing clientele. Credit Management Group advocates for professional credit management, in a belief, that it is an enabler of growth and such, it offers competitive advantages for corporates and small, mid-size companies.
The group provides customised training for finance and sales professionals, which offering is now enlarged with Klass Academy’s Digital Training, Virtual Coaching and Live Courses for the themes of Cash Collection, Credit Management, Claim Handling, Process Excellence and Performance Management.