Stop wasting precious time collecting information, investigating changes, following up on payments, and trying to figure out where your business stands.
credit4sales makes all customer-relevant information available at a glance by connecting external data providers (information agencies) with your own data. This combination of hard and soft facts will help you control your customers’ risk and anticipate their future performance.
ERP Connector


credit4sales is a credit management software program that makes controlling your trade risk easy, quick, and secure. Seamless ERP integration will help you to spend less time mining data, consolidating data, and struggling with spreadsheets and more time doing the work you love. As credit4sales is a cloud application, it requires no extra investment in hardware. You’ll immediately benefit from all the features that credit4sales offers without further maintenance or management costs.
Customisable scorecards


We don’t believe that one size fits all. Your business is unique, and you have to adapt to your customer environment. credit4sales scorecards are customisable, enabling fast and reliable customer qualification for large enterprises and small businesses alike. Our innovative technology, coupled with our experience, will assist you in designing and testing your individual scorecard. Move your business into the digital age.
Workflow automation


credit4sales is the credit management automation suite that speeds up and streamlines all phases of credit management. Automate time-consuming tasks like gathering information from external sources, calculating payment records, monitoring changes, and managing open receivables with just a few clicks. Configure your own credit limit application and approval workflow to accelerate the further growth of your business.


Realise the highest possible volume of profitable sales within the shortest period and with the minimum of bad debt. Be proactive by offering and maintaining credit limits for your customers. credit4sales will enable you to switch from old-school, retroactive credit control to a proactive, automated credit management process. Customised task lists will guide you through your daily work to improve productivity and contribute to the success of your company.


Sales and customer service rely on you, so you need credit management software that lets you focus your attention on what matters most. With credit4sales, you’ll save valuable time that you can spend discovering untapped sales potential and growing your business. Invite your sales team to log into credit4sales and simplify information transfer, discussion, and decision making. Role-based user management will help you to control accessibility and navigate users in the system.
Analytics at your fingertips


With so much going on in your business, you need lists and reports to pull things together and give you the big picture. credit4sales analytics will help you to structure data to evaluate performance, track changes, and understand what has happened and what must be done. This will impact the entire organisation as people start to see things in the business they couldn’t see before.


Get started today. Discover credit4sales and let your business grow.