Market complexity, global competition, uncertainty, and changing consumer expectations are challenges companies are often faced with. Nevertheless, corporates are looking to achieve sustainable growth and profitability, and maintain close customer relationships.
credit4sales is a digital platform provided by the RiskCover Group. Our company also provides colourful credit management services that help companies analyse, understand, and cover buyer risks or to exploit their sales potential. We are convinced that business services and digital transformation are top priorities in supporting any commercial agenda. We offer our clients a proactive and strategic partnership and work to achieve business goals together.
Credit Management BPO


Outsource your credit management processes and tasks to keep your organisation focused on your core activities and sales targets. Our delivery centre, located in Budapest, Hungary, provides comprehensive credit management BPO services. With robotic process automation we deliver substantial benefits by improving performance, growing productivity, and making your customers happy.


Our credit management consultancy service helps companies achieve significant and sustained business outcomes. Decades-long expertise and methodology enables us to increase processes efficiency and benchmark current performance against world class players in the industry. We understand our clients’ business and help bring relevant innovation and drive breakthroughs, transforming the way business is done.
Risk analysis


We provide flexible, individual, and highly specialised services to assess the credit risk of your customers. Our approach is to generate the most value by utilising the full sales potential of healthy buyers but also to design and implement exit strategies in the case of customers with credit risks exceeding your risk appetite.
Accounts Receivable Management


New technology and innovative business models can help you to improve your working capital, optimise costs, and control your key performance indicators. Our Accounts Receivable management service will protect your cash flow and turn receivables into cash to boost your business.


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